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2022-2023 Aspen Junior Hockey Registration


Aspen Junior Hockey Registration


Welcome to the 2022-2023 Aspen Junior Hockey Registration System. We're excited Aspen Junior Hockey is hitting the 50th Anniversary mark and couldn't be happier to have you a part of it. You will first need to register with USA Hockey and then return here to proceed with Aspen Junior Hockey Registration. Register at USA Hockey FIRST!


Step 1: Register at and remember to print your confirmation code!
Per USA Hockey and AJH insurance regulations and requirements, No Player can be on the ice unless registered with USA Hockey.

Step 2: Return to this page and then proceed with Aspen Junior Hockey Registration.

Registration for existing  TRAVEL AJH players must be done before September 1st.  But do note that you must be registered by July 15th for your name to be on your jersey because of time constraints.

Note: In addition to AJH registration, all families will need to register online with USA Hockey/CAHA ($70.00/$20.00 fee – 6 and under no cost but must register). Please go to, follow the instructions, and use your USA Hockey confirmation page for AJH online registration.

AJH Registration Policies

Registration Policy: Players may register only when their past debts or the past debts of any siblings to AJH and previous team obligations are in good standing (zero balance due). Players may not participate in any AJH on or off -ice activities until the last year's obligations to AJH are paid. Registration fees may be less than ducky derby credits (check with Jackie before registering).

Families can register between July 1 – July 15, 2022, for a $50 discount. Registrations made after July 15 will not receive a discount.

The first deposit payment is due upon registration; the second payment is made on August 15 either online or by cash or checks in the office. Balance made in four payments: August 15, September 15, October 15, and November 15, 2022.

New 2022/2023 AJH Member Volunteer Hours Requirement & Protocols travel teams ONLY
(Please see AJH Handbook and Volunteer section below and on our AJH website)

Players will only receive their names for this season's jersey if registered before July 15. If your player wants to change their jersey number, it is an $85 charge per jersey (Pending seniority). If you lose your jersey, you will be responsible for replacing it ($85 per jersey). If your athlete's jersey doesn't fit anymore, please contact us asap.


Payment Policy: No player will be allowed to participate in practices and games after February 1 until their account is paid. Any payment fees with a non-sufficient fund check or a refused VISA/MC charge will result in a $35.00 fee and the player being removed from active status until released by the AJH treasurer. After January 15, 2023, an extra charge of $25 per month will be added to all outstanding balances until payment in full is received.  

Refund Policy: Refunds may be made to players leaving AJH before or during the season based on a weekly proration. The AJH board will only consider the following reasons; a severe medical condition, verified by a doctor, precludes the player from continuing or returning to the season; season-ending injury before January 1, 2023; a family moving out of the Aspen area. All requests must be written to the AJH Board of Directors by February 1, 2023, and are subject to a $20.00 processing fee.

2022/2023 Tuition fees:

6 U Mites (boys and girls): 2016 – 2017 birth years ($250)

8 U Mites (boys and girls): 2014 – 2015 birth years ($500)

10 U Girls: 2012 – 2013 birth years ($1,000)

10 U Squirts: 2012 - 2013 birth years ($1,900)

12 U Girls: 2010 – 2011 birth years ($2,015)

12 U Peewees: 2010 – 2011 birth years ($2,015)

15 U Girls: 2007 – 2008 - 2009 birth years ($2,175)

14 U Bantams: 2008 – 2009 birth years ($2,225)

18 U Fall: TBD ($1,100)

19U Girls: 2003 – 2004 – 2005 - 2006 birth-years ($2,225)

House Hockey: 2010 – 2013 birth years ($850) Non-Travel

*Please refer to AJH Prospectus on our registration page for more info

The Financial Aid Application  and information packet are available below as well as on the AJH website. 


New 2022/2023 AJH Member Volunteer Hours Requirement & Protocols All AJH travel teams Three weekends of Fall Face-Off All families are required to volunteer for xxx spots per assigned weekend. This will be determined based on the number of teams participating. Every travel team player/family is required to volunteer even if they are not participating and/or are out of town during their team’s weekend to play. Required volunteer slots are per player. Families with multiple children will be assigned shifts for each player. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.

Volunteer slots/shifts:
Sports engine scoring
The penalty box is covered by each team playing and is not considered part of this AJH member volunteer requirement for Fall Face-Off.

Week 1 10/14-10/16 High School, 16 U/18 U midget, & AA
Week 2 10/21-10/23 10 A, 10 B, 12 B
Week 3 10/28-10/30 14 A, 14 B, 12 A

Families have the option to hire a SUB to work their volunteer shifts for a fee. Anyone that would like to work as a SUB, please email to be put on the SUB LIST. We will send an email at the beginning of October with ALL THE DETAILS.

All Travel team members are required to volunteer:
Girls 10 U, 12 U, 15 U, 19 U
Boys 10 U, 12 U, 14 U, 16/18 U
Please note that all travel team members will still need and are required to volunteer throughout the season for their team to cover shifts for league season and tournament play. Each team will collaboratively determine and fill those needs.
As we get closer to FFO event dates, we will promptly update families and provide you with sign-up information.

Aspen Leafs 6U Mites (Boys & Girls)

Formally known as "IP" ("Initiation Program"), AJH offers a comprehensive 6 U Mites program running from October 3 through February 23.  Practices are twice per week, led by AJH Executive Director Harlan Pratt (and other qualified coaches).  The 6 U Mite program provides boy's and girl's age-appropriate training, emphasizing physical literacy.  The program's goal is to successfully teach on-ice balance, coordination, and agility while developing a passion for hockey in all children.  6 U Mites practice twice per week with no formal competition.  Activity games and small area games are incorporated into every session.  


Aspen Leafs 8U Mites (Boys & Girls)

For seven and eight-year-old boys and girls (2014-2015), AJH offers a comprehensive 8 U Mites program running from September 20 through February 24.  Practices are twice per week, led by AJH Executive Director Harlan Pratt (and other qualified coaches).  The objective of the 8 U Mite program is to develop on-ice balance, coordination, agility, and speed. Lessons are varied and interesting; the overriding goal is that all participants leave the ice with a smile. Emphasis is placed on developing speed, power, and endurance using activity-based, small area, and cross-ice games. Controlled competition is introduced during several Jamborees' run throughout the season (minimal travel is required for these events).  During Jamborees, teams of Aspen 8 U players compete against other mountain programs in cross-ice games.  

Aspen Leafs Competitive Hockey

Available for boys and girls ages 9 - 19, Aspen Leaf's competitive teams play games in the Western Colorado Hockey League (WCHL) and Colorado Girls Hockey League (CGHL).  Both leagues are structured and organized in a responsible geographic footprint west of the Continental Divide.  Teams typically compete against other CAHA  programs east of the Continental Divide (and out of state teams) during in-state tournaments and final-four playoffs.

AJH is committed to maintaining and promoting a structured long-term athletic development model.  Age-appropriate training and competition is the foundation of AJH programming, and all teams are organized based on the age divisions established by USA Hockey.  When there are multiple teams in different age divisions, players will be placed at the most appropriate competitive level to maximize their development (physical and emotional).  The Executive Director is responsible for all final team placements.  

To ensure players can maximize the benefits of playing such a unique team sport, those choosing competitive hockey are expected to commit to all team functions, including practices, league games, and playoffs.  Making this commitment allows the magic of developing team camaraderie, trust,  and accountability, which creates a culture that maximizes skill improvement AND  character development (the mission of AJH).  

Aspen Leafs House Hockey

AJH provides athletes interested in participating in multiple winter sports an opportunity to continue to develop hockey skills without the “team” commitment.  For players ages 9-14, participants are differentiated into two groups (based on age-ability) for two on-ice practices per week.  Game opportunities are limited to several Friday evenings during the season (one or two per month) and 2-3 House Hockey Partnership (HHP) jamborees.  In the past two years, AJH has led in the creation and operation of the HHP, which brings together different House programs throughout mountain communities for a half-day of friendly competition.  Throughout the 22/23 season, Aspen, Glenwood, and Vail are each expected to host an HHP jamboree (times TBA).  There is no commitment to attend  HHP jamborees, as all participants are mixed and divided equally based on age and ability.  The objectives of HHP events are celebrating hockey, making new friends, and having fun.

2022-23 AJH Season Prospectus

Financial Assistance

(Applications are due August 19th for returning players)

If any player has a financial difficulty that precludes participation in the program, please contact our Scholarship Coordinator, Jackie Ayers, at (970) 920-7081 for information on financial assistance. Scholarship applications must be submitted with registration documents. If you are accepted into the scholarship program, you will be required to volunteer with fundraisers, our Fall Face Off Tournament, and volunteer for your team. If you require a payment plan, please notify Jackie to establish one.

If you will be applying for the financial assistance scholarship, please read the scholarship information sheet first, print the application form below,  fill it out and submit it to Jackie in the AJH office. You do NOT need to proceed through the online registration at this time. 


Equipment and Uniforms

To participate in all on-ice programming, all players must wear the essential protective gear, including but not limited to: an approved helmet with face mask, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder/chest pads, padded hockey pants, knee/shin pads, hockey skates, and a mouthguard. AJH maintains a large equipment room at Lewis Arena that houses all the required protective gear for players of all ages. All equipment is FREE; donations of used equipment are always welcomed and encouraged. Don't hesitate to contact Jackie Ayers to schedule access to the AJH equipment room.  

For teams participating in the WCHL and CGHL (travel teams),  AJH provides each player with two game jerseys (home and away), two sets of game socks (home and away), and a forest green pant cover (shell) will be provided if you do not have black pants -- all to be worn for GAMES ONLY. Players are responsible for the total replacement cost for damaged or lost uniform items. An $85 charge per jersey will be assessed if you want to change your number or lose it.  

This season ALL travel players must have the following:

  • AJH Players must have a Green or Black Helmet
  • AJH Players must have Green or Black Gloves
  • AJH Players must wear black pants or will be given green AJH shells for all games


Questions can be directed to:

Jackie Ayers


Phone: (970) 920-7081


Scroll to the top of the page for ALL instructions, policies, fees, programming options, and other important 2022-23 season information & details